Wet Season February 2015

With the recent advent of rain we have seen an abundance of insects (many stick insects !).

As big as my hand, this Hawk Moth (Coequosa australasiae), came to our light-sheet on a very rainy evening:

Hawk moth


Another visitor was this Stag Beetle:

Mueller's Stag Beetle2015

Spotlighting in our rainforest, we came across a pair of sleeping dragonflies:

Sleeping Dragonflies


and a group of sleeping male native bees (Mellitidia tomentifera):

sleeping bees_1

This Blue-backed Bee is one of many, collecting pollen in our garden:

Blue-backed Bee,Feb2015_1


If you are interested in native bees, you’ll find many photos and descriptions under the native bee project at www.bowerbird.org.

Another interesting insect is the Stalk-eyed Fly: The males have their eyes arranged like hammerhead sharks:

stalk-eyed flies

A piece of banana served as battleground:

2 thoughts on “Wet Season February 2015

  1. Lovely shots of the Hawk Moth (Coequosa australasiae). Somehow I got home without a shot of this. My flash must have failed and I didn’t check until too late. The stag beetle has been IDed as Phalacrognathus muelleri http://www.bowerbird.org.au/observations/29540 if its the same that I first saw under the car tire. The dragonflies would be sure to be IDed if you put them on BowerBird in the Dragonsflies projects. Love the photo. Really loved spotlighting with you as well.

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