Summer Sightings-Reptiles

Summer is, of course, also a good time to observe reptiles, as they are much more active then.

This goanna ambled past me on the veranda and only noticed me when he turned around before climbing over a log.

Lace Monitor

We do not see Northern Dwarf Crowned Snakes very often. This one was fully grown at almost half a meter. It hunted among leaf litter and completely ignored us.

Cacophis churchilli

More alert to our presence was this Carpet Python, which has (again) climbed into the birdfeeder.

It did catch a small dove that day, and a King Parrot a few hours later.

Male skinks are very colourful in the breeding season:

Rainbow Skink

It is now mid- April, and warmer than normally at this time of the year, around 25 degrees Celsius maximum. Geckos and snakes are still quite active.

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