4 species of bowerbirds

It appears that the most common species of Lilly-Pilly here (Syzygium smithii , Creek Satinash) flowers and fruits most profusely every second year. In 2020, they attracted many bowerbirds (see my blogs from June and July 2020), and it is

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Sleepy Cassowary

The dominant male cassowary (“Dad”) in our area feels quite relaxed around us. So much so, that sometimes he sits down and dozes off for a while. You wouldn’t really want to sit down on the forest floor at the

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More Moths

Setting up our moth light and a white(ish) sheet, to see what is out and about at night in our forest, we are always delighted about the variety of species coming to the light. From the big and bold, like these:

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New Pademelon Joey

One of our female Red-legged Pademelon’s pouch has been getting as big as they can recently, giving the impression that she is sitting on a gym ball. For a brief moment, the joey actually tumbled out, only to quickly make

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Orange-thighed Treefrog
Tree Frogs

  Recent rain has brought the Orange-thighed Tree-frogs down from the canopy. For several nights, the males gathered near little streams and puddles and called for the females to join them.   On stage: This one got a bit confused.I

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Grey Goshawks

Our resident pair of Grey Goshawks (Accipiter nocaehollandiae) decided to build a new nest in late July. The chosen site is a tall Rose Gum close to our house. By late September they were incubating, and at the end of

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