Oak Orchid

September is a good month for orchids. Several species are flowering now. From the tiny Caterpillar Orchid (Plexaure crassiuscula) with flowers about 1.5mm small to the large Oak Orchids (Dendrobium jonesii. Other epiphytes are the Buttercup Orchid (Dendrobium agrostophyllum) this

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male Victoria's Riflebird
Colourful Riflebird

  If you think that the adult male Victoria’s Riflebird is just a black bird with a few blue bits, you haven’t seen one in the right light, yet. With the sun shining on him from the right angle, he

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Winter in Wondecla

It has been a very mild winter so far. Only once did the temperature drop below 10 degrees in the morning. After many drizzly days, we now have stable, sunny conditions. Perfect for our python, which has moved from King

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3 cassowaries
Cassowary season 2021

  Autumn in Wondecla means cassowary season: fruit in the rainforest is getting sparser, whereas there is plenty of tucker in the wet sclerophyll forest. One month ago Dad re-appeared with one small stripey chick in tow. This confirmed our

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Superb Fruit-dove, male
This and That

  This wet season left us about 500mm short of our average rainfall, but a low near the coast right now might be just making up for it. Many birds have been molting, like this Satin Bowerbird, wondering what happened

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Red-browed Finch fishing
Fishing Finches

Red-browed Finches (Neochmia temporalis), like all native Australian finches, belong to the family of Grass-finches (Estrilidiae) and feed mainly on seeds. They do like animal protein, though, and  sometimes gorge themselves on swarming termites. When we get enough summer rain

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