Pademelons fighting

Pademelons live in loose groups with an established dominance hierarchy. Usually there is very little aggression between them, as individuals know to keep their distance from each other, especially from the dominant male, and a short grunt is all that’s

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Summer Sightings-Reptiles

Summer is, of course, also a good time to observe reptiles, as they are much more active then. This goanna ambled past me on the veranda and only noticed me when he turned around before climbing over a log. We

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cassowary chicks
New Cassowary Chicks!

2 days ago “Dad” reappeared with two tiny chicks. They are about 4 weeks old. Native Ginger berries are perfect baby food. The little ones stay close to Dad. If they stray too much, he makes grunting noises. Off they

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Tree-kangaroo activities

We have had many tree-kangaroo sightings lately. The older female, in particular, has been around the cabin and house for  many hours, preventing me from attending to entropy-fighting indoor chores 🙂 How is one to concentrate on cleaning the cabin,

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Summer Sightings

It has been a good wet season here, nothing dramatic like in many parts across northern Australia, but regular, moderate rainfall. After about 1.5 metres of rain since October, it is nice to see the sun for a whole day!

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