Noisy Pittas and Cassowaries

Every summer a few Noisy Pittas migrate to our forest from the lowlands to breed here (and possibly eat many leeches). This juvenile was foraging, when it was chased away by an adult bird. The adult Pitta then settled down

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Wet Season 2023/24

After an early wet start in December (cyclone Jasper’s aftermath brought us more than 550mm of rain) and then 2 dry weeks, the monsoon is on its way. The frogs had their first outing: swarming termites attracted a Boyd’s Forest

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WA interlude

This winter we spent a few weeks in southern Western Australia to indulge in the feast of wildflowers, and we were, of course,  also looking for birds, Southern Right Whales, Honey Possums and Numbats. WA has over 13,000 plant species,

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Pademelons fighting

Pademelons live in loose groups with an established dominance hierarchy. Usually there is very little aggression between them, as individuals know to keep their distance from each other, especially from the dominant male, and a short grunt is all that’s

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