More Moths

Setting up our moth light and a white(ish) sheet, to see what is out and about at night in our forest, we are always delighted about the variety of species coming to the light.

From the big and bold, like these:

Speiredonia spectans
Opodiphthera fervida

to many medium sized and the very small moths, the colours and patterns always delight.

small moths
Ercheia ekeikei

snout moth
Agrioglypta excelsalis
Agrotera pictalis
Cardamyla carinentalis
Glyphodes conjunctalis

There are many variations of green moths:

Anisozyga insperata, female

Anisozyga insperata, female

Uliocnemis partita

And here a very beautiful fruit-piercing moth:

Eudocima (or Othreis) iridescens

The female has green patches on the forewings, the male doesn’t:

Eudocima (or Othreis) iridescens male

The feature image of this blog is a portrait of him.

One of several Hawk Moth species:

Agrius convolvulvi

If you’d like to see some more, check out our blog from  December 2018, and the moth gallery on our insect page.

hairy moth


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