Dancing and Prancing – Riflebirds and Cassowaries

immature male Victoria's Riflebird displaying

The Victoria’s Riflebirds have been displaying all year round on a tree stump near the cabin and activity picked up in August. Now two immature males and an adult bird are jostling for pole position. The young males often also perform on other branches.

Recently, one female was observed with nesting material in her beak, another female is still watching the males.

immature male Victoria's Riflebird displaying

Meanwhile, the one year old cassowary, so abruptly abandoned by his father, when a large female turned up and convinced dad to mate with her 3 months ago, is visiting occasionally and can sometimes be seen honing his kicking skills. Like many young birds and mammals, play-fighting is an important part of growing up. Lacking siblings, “Chicko” has to make do with shrubs, logs and small trees. He doesn’t fall over as often anymore, but still has to work on his target practice!

Afterwards, he had a good rest:

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