The wet season has arrived! March 2012

The wet season has finally arrived in Kuranda! We had more than 400mm of rain since Friday, our little creek is 1 metre higher than normally and the nearby Barron Falls are at their best since January 2007.
It will be some time before the cassowaries come visiting us again, their preferred creek crossing is 2 metres under water.
The red-necked crakes (Rallina tricolor) are enjoying the wet, being more active all over the forest and garden during daylight hours, so they are much easier to observe. Their 3 chicks, little black fluff-balls on long, skinny legs only 3 weeks ago, are now almost as big as the parents.
This yellow-spotted honeyeater (Meliphaga notata) found a dry spot for the night:

Common tree snake hatchling (Dendrelaphis punctulatus) in the rain:

Barron Falls on Monday, 19/03/2012:[

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  1. Wow – Barron Falls is rocking. It was pretty quiet the day I saw it. Thanks for the new view of it’s power.

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