Busy Frogs and Lazy Reptiles

The wet season started in late December, and the frogs are making the best of it.

Tiny (less than 30mm) Southern Ornate Nursery Frogs (Cophixalus australis) are calling from low vantage points, usually within half a metre off the ground, everywhere in the forest.

This is a typical position:

That male is one of the rarer colour morphs, with an orange stripe on the back. Usually they are a mottled grey:

Northern Barred Frogs (Mixophyes schevilli) are calling from a few areas along the creek. They are large, handsome frogs with a deep ‘wark, wark’ call.

Orange-thighed Tree-frogs (Litoria xanthomera) have descended from their hide-outs high up in the trees and are gathering along small temporary pools and creeks.

This male got lucky very early in the evening:

It is fun watching them “inhaling’ and ‘exhaling’:

While the frogs are very busy, this Pink-tongued Skink

Pink-tongued Skink

and the Carpet Python

Carpet Python

spent all day lazing in the sun.

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