Best Of Guests’ Bird Photographs 2022

Many of our guests have high-quality camera equipment and are excellent photographers.

Here is a selection of their images, taken while staying at the cabin:

Southern Cassowary by Steve Bond
juvenile Southern Cassowary by Steve Bond
Vict Riflebird Imm dancing by Scott Ritchie
White cheeked HE flight by Scott Ritchie
Grey fantail portrait singing by Scott Ritchie
Grey-headed Robin by Steve Maclean
King Parrot by Steve Bond
Spotted Catbird by Steve Bond
Victoria’s Riflebird by Steve Bond
Satin Bowerbird by Steve Bond
King Parrot in Lilly Pilly by Scott Ritchie
Eastern Spinebill by Scott Ritchie
Cassowary feeding on lilly- pilly by Scott Ritchie
White-naped HE preening by Scott Ritchie
Red-browed finches preening by Scott Ritchie
Little Lorikeet by Scott Ritchie. This image was taken nearby, where those little parrots were easier to photograph than in our very tall eucalypts.


More images are to be found in the bird gallery on our “birds and birding’ page.

Peter Day took some good video footage:


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