A “tough” day in the life of a male Superb Fruit-dove

Superb Fruit-dove

This male spent all day in one tree, about 5 metres from our veranda. Feeding, sunbathing, preening, snoozing, feeding, snoozing, feeding, pooping,…

Superb Fruit-dove male

Superb Fruit-dove


I had a lazy day, too, watching him for hours. He was briefly joined by a Golden Bowerbird (sorry, no acceptable photograph) and some Satin Bowerbirds.

Who says that birdwatching is supposed to be hard?! And imagine, what great photographs someone with a better camera than my little Canon SX70 could take!

Over the last few days a lot more of the Symplocos fruit have ripened, the birds are spoilt for choice.

This male might have already finished breeding, there are a few juvenile doves around. Another male is sharing incubating duties with his mate in a nest nearby. He is sitting tight from about 9 am to 4.30pm. The female has the longer night shift.

There are doves calling almost all day long, it is difficult to estimate how many are here now. They should have plenty of fruits for another month.

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